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Updated: August 31, 2018

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About HIA


Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Hyogo International Association

Chief Director

Yoshiro Takai

Date of Establishment

April 1, 1990

Three Pillars of Activities

  • 1. Creating a multi-cultural society
    Tackling challenges with regard to the participation of foreign resident children and students in education and local communities, and promoting the creation of a society in which foreign residents can live with security and peace of mind.
  • 2. Increasing the number of people who interact
    Promoting interaction between people from Japan and overseas nations and international interaction within Hyogo Prefecture by holding international exchange events and international conferences at the grassroots level, and by promoting an understanding of international affairs among the residents of Hyogo Prefecture.
  • 3. Contributing to human resource development
    Promoting the development of human resources from Japan and overseas nations who will carry the future of the international community, by means of providing support for overseas exchange students, accepting overseas trainees, implementing international summer school programs, etc.


Hyogo International Association is a non-profit organization—a public interest incorporated foundation—established through full funding from the prefecture in order to contribute to the creation of an internationally minded society in which the people of the world can coexist, while creating a multi-cultural society and promoting international exchange mainly between residents of Hyogo Prefecture.



公益財団法人兵庫県国際交流協会 事業推進部 多文化共生課

〒651-0073 神戸市中央区脇浜海岸通1丁目5番1号 国際健康開発センター2F

TEL: 078-230-3261

FAX: 078-230-3280


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