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Updated: August 31, 2018

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HIA Japanese-Language Courses

HIA holds two Japanese-language courses to help foreign residents of Hyogo Prefecture learn a level of Japanese that is useful in everyday life so that they can take part in social situations.

The first of these is the Japanese Course for Foreign Residents, which helps students to systematically understand and build up their knowledge of grammar. This course is held twice annually in the spring and fall.

The second is the Immediately Usable Japanese Course, a practical, intensive course which helps students increase the activities they can do in daily life. This course is held for a month in summer.

Japanese Course for Foreign Residents

A beginner course that systematically teaches the basic Japanese required when living in Japan.

Students will gradually build up their knowledge of hiragana, katakana, and kanji, as well as simple terms and phrases to achieve a level where they can communicate in simple Japanese.

An evening course that can be easily attended by people with day jobs.

Class Schedule Batch 1  May 7 (Monday) to June 29 (Friday)
Applications: April 2 (Monday) to 13 (Friday)
Batch 2  October 12 (Friday) to December 7 (Friday)
Applications: September 3 (Monday) to 14 (Friday)
*Two classes per week; a total of 16 classes per batch
Class Hours 18:30 - 20:30
Course Fee  JPY 2,000/batch *Exclusive of textbook costs
Max Number of Students Around 20 students per class

Japanese Language Instructor

Class Textbooks Days
A Ippo Nihongo Sampo Shokyu 1 First Half Monday, Thursday
B Second Half Monday, Thursday
C Ippo Nihongo Sampo Shokyu 2 First Half Tuesday, Friday
D Second Half Tuesday, Friday
E Marugoto Nihon No Kotoba To Bunka Shokyu 2 First Half Monday, Thursday
F Second Half Tuesday, Friday

Immediately Usable Japanese Course

A course that places the priority on learning terms and phrases that are useful in everyday situations and aims to use such learnings to perform actions. Nurtures the skills of the students with regard to the things they encounter everyday, so that they will be able to ask questions about matters they do not understand, learn to obtain information from displays and notices, and search for the information that they need.

Class Schedule July 9 (Monday) to August 2 (Thursday)
Applications: May 28 (Monday) to June 22 (Friday)
Class Hours 09:00 - 12:00
Five days per week from Monday through Friday; a total of 18 classes
Course Fee JPY 4,000 *Inclusive of textbook costs
Textbooks Dekiru? Dekita! Kurashi no Nihongo
Watashi no Seikatsu Note
Max Number of Students Around 20 students per class
Instructor Japanese Language Instructor




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