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Updated: September 1, 2021

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Japanese Textbook: Dekiru? Dekita!! Kurashi No Nihongo (Can You Do It? I've Done It! Everyday Japanese)

This textbook is for learning Japanese that can be used in actual daily situations to ensure that foreign residents can live safely and with peace of mind in Japan.

In addition to speaking and listening skills, this textbook also teaches how to understand important information, how to write in Japanese, and how to develop the skills required for everyday life. It also includes daily life tips and translations of regional information in Hyogo Prefecture. The end of the book features a "My Japanese Checklist" sheet that is filled in by the reader to allow review of past lessons and to aid in continuous learning.

Available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Lessons can be downloaded individually.

Watashi No Seikatsu Noto (My Lifestyle Notes (Conforming to "Dekiru? Dekita!! Kurashi No Nihongo" (Can You Do It? I've Done It! Everyday Japanese))

Watashi No Seikatsu Noto (My Lifestyle Notes) contains a wide range of information on daily situations, including checking the labels regarding allergens on food products and labels of over-the-counter drugs, and replying to e-mails. It enables readers to create their own lifestyle notes for actual situations so that they are able to remain calm and report an incident in case of emergencies. These include a compilation of nearby medical institutions and information on evacuation sites, as well as appropriate responses in Japanese.

Watashi No Seikatsu Noto
(My Lifestyle Notes) (PDF: 6,979KB)
40 pages

Download here.

*This textbook was produced as part of an auxiliary project implemented by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) in 2015.



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