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Updated: August 31, 2021

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スペイン語 【Español】

スペイン語 表紙(表裏)スペイン語 表紙(表裏)(PDF:1,064KB)4Page

Note that each file contains an odd number of pages under the assumption that they will be printed on both sides of the paper and turned into a booklet. As a result, there are some files whose last page is blank.
The following pages are blank:
Pages before and after the [Contents] page, Lesson 6 (p. 92), Lesson 8 (p. 128), Lesson 9 (p.146), Lesson 10 (p. 162), Basic Sentence Patterns (p. 180), Useful Words and Phrases (p. 192), and My Japanese Checklist (p. 208).



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