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Updated: February 22, 2022

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Provides information on the welfare system and its services.

Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities, and Struggling Families

Senior Citizens (Nursing Care Insurance)

Nursing care refers to helping and taking care of the elderly and people with illnesses. People over the age of 40 subscribe to and pay premiums for the Nursing Care Insurance so that they can avail themselves of nursing care services at a low cost when they need them.

Persons with Disabilities

A Physical Disability Handbook (Shintai Shogaisha Techo) is given to individuals with physical disabilities; a Rehabilitation Handbook (Ryoiku Techo) to those with learning deficiencies; and a Mental Disability Handbook (Seishin Shogaisha Techo) to those with mental disabilities. In addition to becoming eligible to receive benefits from the special systems available, having these handbooks entitles holders to special services or discounts such as lower taxes and transportation costs.


  • (1) Child Allowance
    A system that provides financial support for child rearing is available. Child allowance is paid until the child graduates from junior high school.
  • (2) Child-Rearing Allowance
    A system that provides financial support to adoptive families is available. Child-rearing allowance is paid until the end of March that comes right after the child's 18th birthday.
  • (3) Special Child-Rearing Allowance
    A system that provides financial support for rearing children with mental or physical disabilities is available. Special child-rearing allowance is paid until the child reaches 20 years of age.
  • (4) Welfare Allowance for Children with Disabilities
    A system that provides financial support for rearing children with severe mental or physical disabilities is available. The welfare allowance is paid until the child reaches 20 years of age.

Struggling Families

  • Welfare Assistance
    A system that provides assistance to families who are having trouble making ends meet is available in order to help them become self-reliant. Certain conditions such as status of residence must be met to become eligible for receiving benefits from this system. Contact your local city hall for further details.


The pension system provides money from the state to people who have grown old or cannot work owing to illness or injury. The pensions available are explained below.

National Pension

All residents of Japan between the age of 20 and 60 must subscribe to the National Pension system. Members are given a Pension Handbook.

Employees' Pension

Employees subscribe to this system and their respective companies carry out the required procedures. The Employees' Pension is paid in addition to the National Pension.

Lump-Sum Withdrawal (When Returning to One's Home Country)

Members who have paid premiums to the pension fund for six months or longer and less than 10 years are entitled to apply for a lump-sum withdrawal when returning to their home country, provided that all necessary procedures are completed within two years after leaving Japan. Contact your local pension office for further details.

Disability Pension

This pension is paid to individuals who sustained disabilities while subscribed to the National Pension (Employees' Pension) and to those who sustained disabilities before reaching the age of 20.

Survivors' Pension

This pension is paid to families who used to depend on the income of a National Pension (Employees' Pension) member who passed away while subscribed to the system.

Social Security Agreements

Japan has Social SecurityAgreements with certain nations that also operate social security systems inorder to secure the sums paid to pension funds. As of October 2019, Japan hasconcluded such agreements with Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, theUnited States of America, Belgium, France, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands,the Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, India,Luxembourg, the Philippines, Slovakia, and China.

Annuity Insurance (Private)

Annuity insurance schemes are available from private insurance companies, etc. They can be used in addition to public pension systems.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic Violence

This refers to abuse received by spouses, lovers, or other people at the hands of their partners. Victims of violence are advised to contact the police and other relevant institutions.

Child Abuse

This refers to abuse inflicted upon children through violence or neglect. Report to or consult with the Children and Family Center (Children's Welfare Center) and other relevant institutions if you suspect child abuse.



公益財団法人兵庫県国際交流協会 事業推進部 外国人県民インフォメーションセンター 

〒650-0044 神戸市中央区東川崎町1丁目1番3号 神戸クリスタルタワー6階(兵庫県民総合相談センター内)

TEL: 078-382-2052

FAX: 078-382-2012

Hyogo International Association
(Information and Advisory Service Center)
6F Kobe Crystal Tower
(inside the Hyogo Prefecture Citizens' Advice Center)
1-1-3 Higashikawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0044
TEL: 078-382-2052
FAX: 078-382-2012


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